AKA Pesters Elon Musk for Help

AKA Pesters Elon Musk for Help

AKA pesters Elon Musk to assist with South Africa’s load shedding problem.

According to Eskom, the cause of the Outage in Mzansi is due to theft of electrical cables

South Africans have repeatedly praised the billionaire businessman, whom many regard as a brother and a part of their family because he was born in the country.

Knowing how powerful and wealthy Elon is, the exhausted rapper tagged him in a few tweets sent after Eskom implemented stage 6 load shedding.

“Excuse me sir … @elonmusk … I cannot for the life of me understand why the government hasn’t approached you to come help us out with this electricity crisis but is there any chance you could perhaps do us a solid, you know, with you being born here and all,” the rapper tweeted.

AKA Pesters Elon Musk for Help

AKA sent out another tweet in which he begged the businessman to solve the problem in his country.

“I know you have a solution for load shedding … do it for your country,” AKA wrote.


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