DJ Maphorisa Gets Dragged by a Show Promoter for Unsettled Debts

DJ Maphorisa is dragged and threatened by Thabiso Floyd Tshabalala, a promoter with the Twitter handle @francwear.

The man claims that the DJ did not pay him for the upcoming Scorpion Kings concert with Kabza De Small, despite the fact that he is a pillar of the show.

“I am Scorpion Kings Live at Sun Arena and yes, there will be no event without me the third member. Your keeper has stolen from the wrong person this time, a person who doesn’t even like your God!!”

Lawd Phori’s refusal to pay the man prompted him to tweet threats.

“I’m going to say this again, your deadline to get back to me is today at 11:59 pm or else don’t go to @KonkaSoweto tomorrow!! While you’re at it, postpone this event of mine until I give you the go-ahead!! Kind Regards Thabiso Floyd Tshabalala.”

Thabiso says he will not allow the concert or any other show to take place until he is settled; he also called out the record label for collaborating with the music producer to remove his songs from streaming platforms.

In one of his final tweets, he claims that some musicians are suicidal as a result of Maphorisa – this claim is thought to be related to Sir Trill’s post about being oppressed by some of the industry’s bigger musicians.

“The reason why these kids are suicidal is because of people like @DjMaphorisa who promise them heaven and earth only to deliver Hell with a dash of Gucci!! I’m going to discipline you!!”

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