DJ Maphorisa is unconcerned about the man who is threatening him.

Thabiso Floyd Tshabalala, also known as @francwear on Twitter, threatened to cancel The Scorpion Kings event yesterday. The man sparked outrage on social media when he claimed to have dirt on DJ Maphorisa and even threatened him.

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Thabiso began by threatening to cancel Maphorisa and Kabza’s performance at Konka Soweto last night. He asked the promoter and patrons not to come because it would be unsafe.

However, he later backed down and claimed to have reached an agreement to have the DJs perform at Konka.

But he continued to threaten any promoters who continue to book Maphorisa ahead of Scorpion Kings, saying he will make things extremely difficult for them.

“I’m going to say this again, your deadline to get back to me is today at 11:59 pm or else don’t go to @KonkaSoweto tomorrow!! While you’re at it, postpone this event of mine until I give you the go-ahead!! Kind Regards Thabiso Floyd Tshabalala.”

“I am Scorpion Kings Live at Sun Arena and yes, there will be no event without me the third member. Your keeper has stolen from the wrong person this time, a person who doesn’t even like your God!!”

“If I see one promoter booking @DjMaphorisa from here on, I’m calling the community of where the establishment is in order to cancel these events. I don’t need goons or any friends to help. I’ll do it all by myself.”

Maphorisa, on the other hand, laughed at the man’s threats, saying he probably doesn’t have any money for lawyers.

Maphorisa then slammed the man by posting a video of a man saying that tough people like to act tough when they are not, that they are just broke and angry.

With all of the scandals that have followed Maphorisa, some have dubbed him “South Africa’s Suge Knight.”

Sir Trill sparked a debate just a few days ago when he stated that his album release is being stymied by forces beyond his control.

“It’s not me who doesn’t want to drop music. They’re trying to shut me down. Working overtime to cancel my shows outside when all I did was help the same people.”

“I wish you guys saw people for who they really are. It’s ‘you either let us eat from your plate or you don’t eat at all. I’m still not gonna sign my hard work, sweat and tears away to anybody,” said Sir Trill on Instagram.

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