Emtee Claims to Be South Africa’s Most Well-Behaved Celebrity

Emtee has taken to Twitter to proclaim himself the best-behaved South African celebrity.

On Twitter, one of the users asked on the timeline who the most well-behaved South African celebrity is.

The question elicited numerous responses, including “The most well-behaved South African celebrity is!!!” Check out the tweet.

Emtee responded by claiming that he is the most well-behaved celebrity in South Africa, “Me.”

According to the comments on Emtee’s response, other rappers such as Shane Eagle and Zoocci Coke Dope were mentioned.

See the tweet below:

While many of his fans and followers agree with him, others believe he is not the most well-behaved.

The Slippery ☠️🥺 @Icepagedope
Replying to @emteerecords
No cap my icon, I’d say you and Zocci Coke Dope💜

Titus Sithole @Sirr_Mty
Replying to @emteerecords
Since from 2020 yah, but bck then we all knw 😂😅

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